Bringing people and technology together to solve complex health issues, starting with autism.


Our vision is a simple one: to redesign the model for healthcare around the individuals who use it every day. And to make this model frictionless, and available to all. 


2m and its partners are building a data-driven ecosystem to measure, define and develop effective solutions for individuals with AUTISM+. This new framing includes biology, environment and behavior, using emerging technology to capture long and wide data.

Know thyself.


Research + Technology

COUNT is a research pilot for precision autism. 2m partnered with Stanford’s Snyder Lab to add the ease of a phone-based app to rigorous multi-omic research, making longitudinal studies easier to participate in, cheaper to conduct and more useful for cohort families. Learn More

Venture Capital

Autism Impact Fund was conceived in a 2m workshop on “how to finance novel solutions in autism.” 18 months later, the Fund is raising its first 100MM round. The Fund’s mission is to scale scientifically-valid products and services that can immediately benefit the autism community. Fund Site 

Housing + Lifespace

The DWELL project will transform housing and lifespace options for people with complex health issues like Autism+. 2m and First Place in Phoenix have teamed up to organize our first 2m|COMPASS DWELL retreat, where participants will draft a roadmap for the project.

Individualized Education

The LEARN project aims to radically advance the science and practice of personalized education. Learn’s lab, Quantified Classroom (QC), is prototyping a process to measure academics, behavior and  environment so we can optimize learning outcomes. Learn More

Media + Marketing

Our 2020 documentary, In Our Own Hands: How Patients Are Reinventing Medicine, traces the birth of the Citizen Science movement and introduces a few of the courageous, imaginative individuals who are ushering us into a new age of Digital Medicine. Produced by 2m|Throughline. Film Site



Executive Director

"I view autism as a change agent—for science, as we work to unravel this still undefined condition; education, as we struggle to determine how individuals with the kinds of learning differences autism creates, sometimes significant, can learn best; and community, as we reimagine the models for lifespace for individuals living with ASD."

Elizabeth Horn

Elizabeth Horn is a long-time autism advocate and parent to a 24-year old diagnosed with ASD. Her background is in tech marketing and film production. Before becoming deeply involved in the autism space, she worked for major Silicon Valley companies on vision, branding and messaging including Apple, Oracle, NeXT, Lucasfilm, McAfee, and NetSuite.

Strategy + Data Science

Clare Southern joined 2m at its founding and has spent the past three years translating the nonprofit’s vision into a multi-dimensional strategy, including helping build and lead COUNT. Prior to 2m, Clare worked in product management and engineering roles at a data connectivity company in San Francisco.

Clare Southern


2m Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Silicon Valley developing  technology-enabled initiatives that change the way we define and manage chronic diseases, starting with autism.

Autism+ is the lens we look through at 2m.

We judge our success by the measurable impact we make in the lives of every family affected by autism. Our Autism+ multi-omic view promises to create unparalleled opportunities for individualized improvements in every aspect of life for people in the ASD community.

Thanks to game-changing technology, we are beginning to understand our bodies at a molecular level. To know how to stay healthy, or how to get well. To see how we relate to others biologically; and how, with others, we create subgroups.

And that will make all the difference.

To use this data to inform how people with chronic diseases can stay healthy, learn and live.

Digital medicine will make it possible to longitudinally engage with humans so we can truly know ourselves for the first time. 






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